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Bogs kingdom - Polistovsky nature reserve

Region: North-West 
Reserve: Polistovsky Reserve 

We invite you to the largest bog's systeme in Europe to meet the preserved corner of the wild nature, get aquainted with disappearing villages, away from civiliяation. Plavnitskoe bog ecotrail is the visit card of the reserve. Here you'll see three types of bogs: upper, lowland and transient. During the path you'll get to few islands inside the bog where untouched forest still exist without any human activity in it. You'll see the black alder jungles, called russian mangrove. 
The next day will gift you unforgettable experience going through the bog on the prototupes. This trail will get you in the pure wilderness. On these tools one can feel what is it going on the water without solid soil under the feet. 
Depending on the group abilities seasonal option excursions are availabe. One can go by boat through the bog in summer to watch over 200 bird species nesting in the reserve. In fall cranberry tour will allow not only collect the berries but to discover local receits from it. In winter snowmobile route will show you the beauty of the bog under the snow with numerours animal footprits spreading all around.
To extend your stay in the reserve we offer you additional day in Glagolevo village where one can see the Beaver's path and take Mossiness road.

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Photogallery of tour:

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From the bog ti the ocean - Polist' river
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Snowmobile's trip
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1 Day

08:52 Arrival in Suschevo by train.
08:52 - 09:30 Transfer to Bezhanitsy villlage.
09:30 Excursion to the Visit-center of the reserve, aquaintaince.
10:00 Transfer to Tsevlo village, accommodation, breakfast.
11:00 Ecotrail "Plavnitskoe bog".
15:00 Lunch.
16:00 Historical excursion.
19:00 Dinner.

2 Day

09:00 Breakfast.
10:00 Prototupe excursion.
13:00 Lunch.
14:00 Optional excursion by season: Cranberry tour, snowmobile or boat.
17:00 Dinner.
17:30 Transfer to Suschevo station.
21:30 Departure by train to Moscow.

3 day

Optional day for long w/end:
09:00 Breakfast in Tsevlo.
10:00 Transfer to Gogolevo village.
Lunch pack.
10:00 - 16:00 Beaver road excursion.
16:00 - 18:00 Dinner, departure to Loknya to Moscow train.


Number of PAX 2
Price, RUB, per person (2 days program) 8 750
8 500
8 250
8 000
Price, RUB, per person (3 days program) 14 500  14 000
13 600  13 200

Accommodation, meals, all excursions according to the program, transfer Suchevo-reserve-Suschevo, all transportation during the program.
Personal expences, train tickets, additional excursions.

Additional services, expenses:

Optional excursions:
1. From the bog to the ocean - price 840 RUB/PAX.
2. Cranberry tour - price 1400 RUB/GROUP.
3. Snowmobile excursion - price 2000 RUB/GROUP.


Accommodation in a double room of the cosy guest house in Tsevlo village.
Toilet and sauna inside the house.

General info:


guest house

full board




all year round

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