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Black grouses mating songs at "Chisty Les" biostation

Wake up early in the morning when the sun has not risen yet and get into a still silent forest to see majestic birds, symbols of the Russian forests. Each spring groups of male black grouse take part in complex communal displays known as "mating songs". Lekking occurs at traditional sites in the early morning and at dusk, generally on open grazed grass patches adjacent to rushes or tall grasses within meadow land, open woodland or on moorland, where the birds perform a ritualistic dance to attract and impress the females usually lying hidden nearby in adjacent cover. There is a growing demand from birdwatchers and naturalists for watching this rare bird as it performs this fascinating and unusual display. You can become a witness of such a touching show at «Chisty Les» biological research station in Toropetsky district of Tver region.

Besides, Toropetsky district is a real bear kingdom. Pazhetnov family lives here. Three generations of the family work at the biological research station. Ancestor of the dynasty – Valentine Sergeevich Pazhetnov - has developed a unique method of bear cubs–orphans raising and adaptation to wild nature.
And if you like grey predators more than bears, you will be met by a man who can "talk" to wolves. If you are lucky – he’ll teach you too.
Excursion along ecological trail will let you know all vegetation communities of the Tver region, their features and development. You will see rare and typical plants, learn about unique swamps. During historical excursion along Rucheiskoe lake coast you will witness the history of local settlements since the early Iron Age. You will visit archeological monuments: barrows, hills, sites of ancient settlement, villages. You will touch ceramics made by our ancestors hundreds of years ago.

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It's already day light, blackcock can be seen
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Forest wanderer
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Day 1

05.45 - arrival to Staraya Toropa train station, transfer to biostation;
06.00 - arrival to the biostation, check-in;
10.00 - breakfast;
11.00 - Ecotrail excursion;
14.00 - lunch;
14.30 - discussion on biostation activities, brown bear biology;
17.30 - lecture on grouse birds, their biology;instructions on safety measures and working at a forest;
19.00 - dinner.

Day 2

3.00 - morning tea;
3.30 - walk to the forest, black grouses observation;
10.00 - return to the guest house, breakfast;
11.00 - lecture on wolves, their biology;;
14.00 - lunch;
15.00 - Landscape/botanical excursion;
16.30 - walking around;
19.00 - dinner;
21.00 - transfer to Staraya Toropa train station ;
22.21 - departure to Moscow.


Number of PAX 45 6
Per person, RUB. 13 700 12 900 12 000

Accommodation at a guest house, Russian guide, excursions, transfer Staraya Toropa rail station - biostation and return, transfers during excursions
Train tickets Moscow - Staraya Toropa - Moscow, optional excursions, English-speaking guide

Additional services, expenses:

- Tickets from Moscow to Staraya Toropa and return: (3rd class Sleeper (platzcart) – 600 Rubles + fees, 2nd class Sleeper (coupe) - 1500 Rubles+ fees, one way).
- English-speaking interpreter

Additional excursions:
- night sky observation;
- hazel grouse observation;
- excursion to Toropets town.


General info:

2 days

guest house




train, bus/car


Dates Reserved Free

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