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About us

Who are we?
The Ecological Travel Center (ETC) was created in 1998 by graduates of Moscow State University under the supervision and support of the Biodiversity
Conservation Center (Moscow) and Russian State Environmental Committee.

What brought us together?
A passionate love of nature, travel and adventure.

What do we do?
We choose the most beautiful and fascinating destinations on the planet and take our friends with us.

We help our friends and clients to discover nature and get acquainted with the local people and traditions.

We also invite Russian and foreign public organizations and funds to participate in our ecological conservation projects to solve existing problems in various Russian regions.

Where can you travel with us?
You can spend a weekend exploring natural parks around Moscow by visiting "Moscow's Green Ring."

You can take expeditions to watch birds migrate along the Volga river delta, the largest delta in Europe, or see birds nesting along the Lena in Eastern Siberia
and Pechora delta in the north of European Russia. We also lead bird watching trips to the Kola peninsula, White sea, Lake Baikal and Russia's Far East.
Here,you can try to catch the taimen, a 40 kilogram fish, on the magnificent Yenisey river, or raft down picturesque rivers in the Khabarovsk region.

The  Yenisey Meridian Expedition" will take you over five thousand kilometers from the polar tundra to the deserts on the Mongolian border.

We also offer clients the opportunity to set up their own adventures with a group of skilled travelers from Russia and abroad.


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