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Yenisey - birds of Central Siberia

Yenisey - birds of Central Siberia

Explore the bird's world of the greatest siberian river!

The Yenisey river is the world's sixth and the Russia's the largest river in terms of discharge. It runs from the south to the north dividing the territory of Russia in two. Its drainage basin consists of three absolutely different parts. The Upper Yenisey is surrounded by the Sayan Mountains and runs northwards deviding western Siberia and the Central Siberian Plateau. It's interesting that even ornithological diversity on Yenisey banks differ. In the tour one have a chance to meet both worlds of the river.

Black lands - saiga patrimony, tulips paradise

Black lands - saiga patrimony, tulips paradise

Tulips, saiga, birds - spring insteppes!

We offer to enjoy picturesque sea of flowerishing tulips, active birdlife and runing saiga antelopes.AfterMay holidays saiga cubs appers andyou have a chance to keepit in your hands - unique experience for the selected few.

Bewicks swan arctic home

Bewicks swan arctic home

Pristine nursery of rare birds

Nenetsky nature reserve is a habitat for dozens of rare birds, nursery for its pullus. Due to the far away location from any industrial objects the nature of the reserve is a sample of divine norhtern tundra ecosystems. The guides of the reserve will show you up to the very heart of the territory, where one can observe the most exciting events of the birds and mamals life. The only human activity, allowed in the reserve - deer raising. Turists have a chance to get aquainted with traditional lifestyle of the small northen tribes while the tour.

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Volonteers opportunities in Russia National parks and Nature reserves Traditionally we start collecting volonteer's options from Russian National Parks and Reserves for 2014. All vacancies are available here:
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