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Altai - Listening to the sky

Altai - Listening to the sky

Welcome to the golden mountains of Altai!

Our trip starts by famous Chuisky road and leads to the two most exciting spots in the region - plateau Ukok and Teletskoe lake. The speciality of the journey - birds. There are more than 140 species inhabiting Altai. Our experienced guide will show you where they live, what they eat and what they are singing about!

Black lands - saiga patrimony, tulips paradise

Black lands - saiga patrimony, tulips paradise

Tulips, saiga, birds - spring in steppes!

We offer to enjoy picturesque sea of flowerishing tulips, active birdlife and runing saiga antelopes.After May holidays saiga cubs appers and you have a chance to keep it in your hands - unique experience for the selected few. 

Birds of Arctic - Lena Delta

Birds of Arctic  - Lena Delta

Fragile nature of the Russian Arctic

In the heart of Siberia, on it's very northern edge there is a fragile tundra world located on the islands in the great siberian river Lena delta. The spring and summer come here very late and just for a short period just enough for the tundra birds to hatch out their young. Each year in early summer many thousands of geese, ducks, swans, different pipers, gulls and terns concentrate at the nesting sites. You have a unique opportunity to be invited to this life's birthday, don't miss it!

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Spring come, let her in! Our best greetings to all ecotourists and other naturelovers! New season starts and we rush to inform you about our annual and new ecotoursim programs in Russia.
Volonteers opportunities in Russia National parks and Nature reserves Traditionally we start collecting volonteer's options from Russian National Parks and Reserves for 2015. All vacancies are available here:
Altai is the most demanded region for travelling in Russia in 2015 Altai, Kamchatka and Baikal are still the most desired regions among travellers in Russia according to the latest poll results on our web-page.
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