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Ugra National Park

Reserve: Ugra National Park  

National park Ugra excels at combination of nature and cultural-historical resources which stands out Ugra among other parks in Centra Russia region. Ugra National park territory has more than 200 tourist sights that are situated betwen picturesque forests, meadows, Ugra and Zhizdra rivers. Ugra river is a very historical spot wheretheGolden Horde retreated.

The dense broadleaved forests of Zhizdra were natural shield wall protecting Moscow kingdom from attacks of steppe tribes. Going to Ugra national park you will visit to not only nature sights of Kaluzhskaya region but historical memorials. It is a famousOptyna Pustinmonastery, Shamordinskiy monastery, Chertovo Gorodische (Town of Deavil), Obolenskiye manor, defensive fortresses and other ones.

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White dew
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Optina Pustin Monastery
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Blue mist
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1 day

07:00 Departure from Moscow on own vehicle to Galkino village or by train to Kaluga. Tranfer to Galkino.
11:00 -13:00Ecological trail Galkino forest.
Almost untouched woodland was preserved in Galkino forest. Galkino bog is the habitat of the largest colonies in central Russia of river and black-headed gulls, common terns. Here you can meet rare species of marsh plants listed in the Red Book.
13:00 -13:30 Transfer to Nikolo-Lenivets village, lunch in a cafe, accommodation.
15:00 -18:00 Excursion to Nikolo-lenivets art-park.
18:00 Dinner.

2 day

10:00 -13:00 Seasonal ecological excursion around Nikolo-Lenivets.
13:00 Lunch in a cafe.
14:00 -15:00Transfer to Polotnyany zavod village.
15:00 Excursion to Polotnyany zavod estate.
Polotnyany zavod estate history goes from linen and paper factories established by merchant T.F. Karamyshev be the dectree of Peter the Great. Natalia Goncharova, wife of Alexander Pushkin was born here and lived untill her marriage. Pushkin himself had twice visited the estate. Catherine II, E.R.Dashkova, N.I.Pirogov visited the estate in different years. In October 1812 estate was the headquarters of the Russian army and M. I. Kutuzov lived here.
17:00 Departure to Moscow or tranfer to Kaluga to the train to Moscow at 19:31.


Number of PAX

Price, RUB, per PAX (own vehicle) 7820
5750 5515
Price, RUB, per PAX (train)
9150 8350 81307400
Price, RUB, per PAX - group ticket(train)
Accommodation, full board, excursions according to the program, transfers in case of the arrival on a train.
Moscow-Kaluga-Moscow train tickets, personal expences, additional excursions and activities, english interpreter.



General info:

2 days

guest house




all year round

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