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Fishing in the Far East

Region: Far East 

Ulbeya River is one of the numerous mountainous rivers of Sea of Okhotsk area. Various kinds of red fish – salmon, blueback, chinook, silversides, keta - come here at different seasons. On numerous sandbars such species as bull-trout, grayling and loach can be caught, but sometimes you can find just an ordinary perch. Ulbeya is a rather fast river, with current speed of 2 m/c, so you will be safe from strong physical activities, the river will make all for you. The whole itinerary is extraordinary beautiful and interesting. Small sandbars and rapids can easily be got through on NL-8 rafts, however you will of course have to paddle as well. In the middle stream you will sometimes come across larch heaps, but this only makes the rafting more interesting.

Traditionally the best time for rafting is the end of August - September. The weather is sunny, it is possible to take a tan in the daytime, at night neither mosquitoes nor flies will disturb you. Only sometimes a curious fox can come and beg for a piece of fish for his dinner.  

Active red fish breeding is coming down by this time, so the number of bears is not that much, during the whole itinerary you won’t see more that 2 dozens individuals, some with cabs. You will be impressed by the abundance of birds, during the first expedition we were able to shoot photos of Erne, which is in the Red Book of Moscow and Russia.

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East Siberian Char
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Rafting On Ulbeya River
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Fishing In Ulbeya
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1 day

Meeting in Okhotsk airport, transfer to the hotel, welcome dinner.

2 day

Departure by helicopter to the river (2 hours), camping on the starting site, fishing.

3-8 Days

Fishing and rafting with lunch and overnight stops in the wilderness.

9 Day

Arrival to the final spot of the rafting, pick up by helicopter to Okhotsk (2 hours flight), transfer to the Airport to the flight Okhotsk-Khabarovsk.


Included - all services according to the program upon arrival to Turukhansk till departure to Krasnoyarsk: rent of the equipment for rafting and fishing in taiga, security and radioconnection, food, fishing licences, tour guides (1 guide per 5 fisherman).
Airtickets Moscow-Khabarovsk-Okhotsk-Khabarovsk-Moscow, helicopter rent (8 hours), private expences, alcoholic bevareges


General info:

9 Days


full board



plane, helicopter, boats

summer, fall

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