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Yenisey Meridian

We are pleased to invite you to participate in a journey through the ecological zones of Central Siberia, within the framework of the Green Net of Russia project. The route runs along the great Siberian river Yenisey, from the tundra of the Taimir Peninsula to the deserts of Tuva. Several major geographical zones will be traversed, starting with the tundra, then southward through various stages of the taiga forest and temperate montane forests, to the steppes and deserts of Tuva. This will bring you to six of Russias most exquisite zapovedniks (nature reserves): Putoransky, Tsentralo-Sibirsky, Stolby, Khakassky, Sayano Shushensky and Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina. The emphasis of the expedition is on the ecology and geography of various climatic and ecological zones, their untouched wild states, traditional land use and potential conflicts with industrialization.

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1 day

Arrival in Moscow. Accommodation in a hotel. Meet other participants

2 day

Visiting Moscow State University (MSU), Geological museum of MSU. Lecture about natural zones of Russia and on economical development of Siberia. Lunch in MSU dining-hall. Walking and boat excursions around Moscow, visiting Red Square, Manezhnaya Square, Alexandrovsky Garden, and the Kremlin (optional). Dinner in a cafe in the center of Moscow. Transfer to the airport. Departure for Norilsk

3 Day

Arrival in Norilsk. Bus excursion The structure of sub-Arctic city and the impact of the metallurgical industry (copper & nickel) on the environment. Transfer to the camp at lake Melkoe (Shallow lake) forest-tundra zone. Overnight in the camp.

4, 5 Days

Excursions at forest-tundra zone, study of different types of permafrost, vegetation and wildlife (reindeer migration). Overnight in the camp.

6 Day

Travel by river boat to Dudinka. Excursions at Dudinka. Overnight at a hotel

7 Day

Boat trip up the Yenisey River. Visit the Permafrost museum in Igarka. This is a unique museum, which is partly at 15 meter below ground level. Crossing the Polar Circle (at Melnichnye Kamny). Overnight in tents.

8 Day

Excursions to the northern taiga, focusing on the flora, fauna and ecosystems of the northern taiga. We will also study traditional land use in the northern taiga, and meet members of the local population. Overnight in tents.

9 Day

Boat trip up the Yenisey. Arrival at Mirnoe, the Enisey ecological station of the Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, situated in the protection zone of the Tsentralno-Sibirsky (Central Siberian) reserve.

10,11 Days

Excursions to the middle taiga. Research of flora, fauna and ecosystems of the middle taiga and comparative analyses of observation data made on the previous spots. Traditional land use in the northern taiga, talk with the local population, and with the staff of Tsentralno-Sibirsky reserve. Stay in cottages, sauna

12 Day

Boat trip up the Yenisey. Arrival at the southern taiga sub-zone (Kolmogorovo settlement). Overnight in camp.

13 Day

Excursions to the south taiga. Acquaintance with flora, fauna and ecosystems of the south taiga. Visit Kolmogorovo oldbelievers settelment - traditional land use in the south taiga. Excursion to traditional Russian house (izba). Acquaintance with local handicraft. Overnight in camp.

14 Day

Boat trip up the Yenisey. Arrival in Krasnoyarsk. Accommodation in hotel.

15 Days

Transfer to Stolby Reserve. Excursions to the mountain taiga of the Eastern Sayan mountains. Lecture of the Stolby Reserve staff "Oganization and operation of Russian Nature reserves".

17 Day

Excursion in Krasnoyarsk. Travel by train to Khakassky Reserve, in the steppe part of Khakassia (Settlement Shira). Accommodation in tourist cottages.

18, 19 Day

Excursions to different types of Khakassian steppes. Acquaintance with flora, fauna and steppe ecosystems. Visit archaeological sights. Traditional land use in Khakassian steppes; discussion with local scientists.

20 Day

Bus trip to Shushenskoe settlement. Meet the staff of Sayano-Shushensky Reserve and Shushensky Bor National Park. Overnight in a hotel.

21 Day

Visit unique ethnographic museum in Shushenskoe. Excursions to Shushensky Bor National Park and Sayano-Shushensky Reserve. Acquaintance with flora, fauna and ecosystems of Central part of Eastern Sayan taiga. Overnight in a hotel.

22 Day

Bus trip to Cheremushki settelment abd visit Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric dam and power station. Crossing the pass to the valley of the Djoiskaya Sosnovka River. Excursion by boat along the Sayanskiy Canyon (20 km) to Katushka waterfall. Overnight, some of the group onboard of the boat, the others in tents.

23 Day

Excursion by boat along the reservoir to the border of Sazano-Shushensky reserve. During the 4 hour trip youll enjoy the wonderful shores and water spaces of the 621 km reservoir. Travel along the reservoir to Kurgol. Entertainment, Russian bath, swimming in the reservoir. Overnight some onboard, others in tents.

24 Day

Excursion in Sayano-Shushenskiy Reserve.

25 Day

Excursion to the cordon Bazaga, visiting the meteorological station. The excursion continues between the Hemchikskiy and Kurtushubinskiy mountain ranges. The slopes here are steep and abrupt. Forests reach very high up into the mountains, mountain steppe is the other ecosystem in these mountains. During the excursion it is possible to watch females of Siberian mountain goat (Capra sibirica) with kids. Some herds have up to 30 animals. Overnight at Ilig-Hem site, the reservoirs southern point.

26 Day

Travel from the town Shagonara to Ersin settlement (250 km, 7 hours). Excursion to the monument The Center of Asia. Well go down to the Ubsunurskaya kotlovina nature reserve. The road runs along the gorge of the Tes-Hem river. Its possible to see camels and yaks. Also tribal burial mounds. amp near Tore-Hol lake, swimming in the lake. Overnight in traditional yurts.

27 Day

Excursion to Cugeer-Els desert, the Kyzyl-Shat rocks with their red grove, and the black rock of Kara-Haya.

28 Day

Bus excursion to Kogeelig-Bulun, to Bay-Hol lake, and to the rock Yamaalig. Excursion to the sacred top Ak-Haiirakan (white bear). There is a traditional spa, or spring.

29 Day

Bus excursion to Ersin settlement. Visit to Buddhist temple. Acquaintance with the works of a master stone carver. Transfer to Kisil (14 hours). Visit to the Museum of local folklore, history and economy. Concert of the childrens ethnographical ensemble Oktay.

30 Day

Departure for Moscow.


on request for the complete groups from 10 to 30 PAX.

accommodation, full board, scientific leader for field research, all transportation from Norilsk to Abakan, plane tickets Moscow-Norilsk, Abakan-Moscow, English-speaking guides, medical insurance
Boar rent (depends on the boat chosen), international airfare, invitation letter and visa fee, personal expences, alcoholic bevareges.


General info:

30 Days

hotels 3*, guest houses, tents

full board

15 - 30

plane, boats, bus


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