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Catch & Release Fishing and Rafting

Fishing is undertaken everywhere, and has become one of the most popular pastimes, having developed from the pure need for a food supply into a cult hobby. Watching a simple flame in a fire can be compared with fishing, in that there can be the same strength of atavistic influence on the feelings of Man. Any real man (some ladies too), looking at a fish of no more than matchbox size, can begin to feverishly consider how to pull it out without thinking about his degree of starvation or level of culture.

The fishing process is full of contradictions. On the one hand, it can be the simple meditation for hours watching a float. On the other hand, it can be the fussing around along the riverbank, rod in hand, continually in motion looking for the best place to fish. Perhaps this is why medicine considers fishing to be beneficial for psychological health. To a large extent, the nervous system of the fishermen relaxes, to be interspersed with outbursts of adrenalin keeping time with the jerks on the rod made by a big fish. A split-up with your girlfriend can produce the same feelings as when your fishing-line breaks, or when you lose a spoon-bait or pike. But, if love injuries can and must be treated by angling breaks in the countryside, then any love ‘adventures’ cannot replace your lost taimen. However, there is a mysterious connection here. On a serious and real fishing session, the main topic of all conversation is women. And yet, within the perfect family nest, a husband-fisher dreams to escape to the countryside for perch. Here is a classical ‘husband-wife-fishing’ triangle, perfectly underlying basic family well-being, many marriage dramas and a huge number of anecdotes.

Fishing is a popular and democratic thing to do. Just a fishing rod in the hand can smooth over the differences between an ardent nationalist on the banks of the Yenisey and a multi-millionaire on his yacht in the Canary Islands. Fishing is as popular in the world as football and politics. Looking carefully at our life, we can notice that this is just one, big fishing process.



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