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Photo tours

Since camera was invented it has become an indispensable item in any tourist's luggage. Making photos of exiting moments, picturesque landscapes and rare objects during a trip is a common habit. Most of the people make photos just to remember the places visited, or to illustrate the story of a trip to friends.

But some people take it very seriously. Travel photography is an art for them, a way to escape everyday routine, continuous self-perfection, study of equipment and peculiarities of different scenes and objects shooting. Every picture or photo session is a hardworking process to avoid mistakes, improve skills and methods. Thanks to digital technology now you can take an effective photography course not only in schools and master-classes but also in nature.

We open new line of tours together with the Russian Union of Nature Photographers. Tours in this section were developed especially for photographers and they aim to raise tourists' photography skills, offer new places and object of photography. We offer three types of such tours.

Safari school tours for beginners and amateurs lead by skilled photographers. During these tours one will be able to make photos of determined objects, develop skills of working with camera, take master-classes on particularities of shooting of different objects, and discuss the results. At the end of each tour all the participants get a diploma.

Guru safari exclusive journeys to the most difficult to access and interesting regions of the world with renowned masters of photography who will uncover some of their most important skills and secrets.

PRO safari tours for experienced photographers. You choose an aim, an object and a region of photography and we organize all the logistics and provide optimal conditions for serious work at any natural territory in Russia.

All tours take place at territories with protected status and unique possibilities for nature shooting.


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