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Far beyond the Arctic Circle, on the icy edge of the great Siberian land, lies theTaimyr Peninsula. It streches into the inhospitable Arctic Ocean with a giant edge.
Taimyr is outstanding in just so many ways. At the very first acquaintance, it overwhelms the human imagination with its boundless tundra vastness, the feeling of a startling infinite cosmic space. Taimyr belongs to one of the coldest regions of the Far North. Its climate is greatly influenced by the closeness of the Arctic Ocean. If we manage to observe the peninsula from a great height, we will see that it is washed by two polar seas – the Kara and Laptev, that it seems to be cut out with scissors from the west and east by the Yenisei and Khatanga bays.
This bizarre country of arctic deserts is crossed by two deep, impetuous rivers – Lower Taimyra and Pyasina. The farther from the polar seas coasts, the more variegated tundra is ahead. The tundra and coastal waters of the peninsula are home to a multimillion live stock of valuable animals and birds.
Wild reindeer are the calling-card of Taimyr. Rivers and lakes are full with fish. The fauna of the peninsula is represented by land and sea animals. In the polar waters of fTaimyr, there are 6 species of sea animals, and half of them–ringed seal, bearded seal and walrus–feel themselves there comfortable all year round. In the tundra of Taimyr and on the coastal islands live 14 species of animals. The largest among them is the polar bear, and the smallest one is the Arctic shrew.

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Great Arctic Reserve

Taimyr Reserve

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